Heart-centered, deep love

has the power to transform the way you experience life.

With a foundation of love, you can experience more fulfilling relationships, infuse more joy in your everyday life, and feel a sense of peace, even during life’s hardships.

But that doesn’t mean living a life of love comes easy.

Life is full of challenges that test even the most loving among us. We all experience emotions like frustration, loneliness, anger, and heartbreak that can make it difficult for us to give, receive, and experience love fully.

Creating Great Relationships Through the Practice of Love was created by Dr. Michael McGee to inform, guide, and support you on your journey to transform your personal relationships through the healing power of love.

Creating Great Relationships Through the Practice of Love includes:

  • An exploration of heart-centered, genuine love, and how it’s different than the intense feelings of affection that are most common in today’s society.

  • A deep-dive discussion about what the love wound is, how it affects our ability to love, and steps you can take to heal your love wound.

  • An in-depth description of the Three A's—Attending, Appreciating, and Acting with love—and how to apply them to your past experience, the present moment, and future relationships.

  • Heart-minded practices that will help you cultivate feelings of compassion, reverence, and vitality.

Mastering the art of love is a lifelong practice that you don’t have to tackle alone.

With 52 video sessions, over 25 hours of training, and accompanying PDF content with opportunities for personal reflection, the Creating Great Relationships Through the Practice of Love relational health course will help you heal, grow, and meet everyday challenges head-on through the practice of love—true, heart-centered, genuine love that has the power to transform your relationships, your everyday experience, and your life.

Uncover your potential to live a more love-filled life

With help from esteemed psychiatrist Dr. Michael McGee

Heal your heart, develop deeper feelings of compassion, and transform your outlook on life with help from the top expert on love. Dr. Michael McGee, MD is a three-times board certified psychiatrist and relational growth expert who has over 30 years of experience integrating spiritual practices with psychotherapy approaches to support profound change in his patients’ lives. Through his Creating Great Relationships Through the Practice of Love, Daily Love Lessons, various publications, podcasts, and more, he shares his wisdom and expertise to help us all heal our love wounds and move through the world with less hurt so we can be well, do well, and love well.

There's more to love than meets the eye

and the heart

Loving is an innate skill we’re all born with, but it can quickly become lost or confused due to trauma, neglect, and hardships.

We’re all capable of learning to love again, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

Harnessing the power love means more than feeling deep affection. It is a deep-rooted, heart-felt sensation that goes beyond a particular person, place, or thing. It seeps into the very fabric of your being.

A profound sense of love can give you the power to overcome daily obstacles, heal from past hurts, and approach your relationships and your life with an open heart—if you let it.

The Creating Great Relationships Through the Practice of Love online relational health course is an all-encompassing series of training sessions where you will uncover your own love wounds, learn how to overcome them, and create a more authentic, compassionate, and loving life that has the power to transform your family, your community, and the world.

There is more to love

Course Features

  • Video Sessions

    Take a deep dive into the concept of love and learn how to harness its power with 52 sessions and over 25 hours of video from Dr. Michael McGee.

  • PDF Transcripts

    Each video session is accompanied by a PDF transcript that serves as a handy reference guide on your journey to a more love-filled life.

  • Daily Practice Prompts

    Each PDF transcript contains daily practice prompts and exercises that provide you with actionable ways to give, receive, and experience more love.

to heal your heart 

Overcome past hurts and transform your personal relationships with the power of love.

With the supportive and loving guidance of Dr. Michael McGee, you can uncover your own capacity for giving and receiving love, completely transforming your life in the process.

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The 3As of Awakening to Love

Discover how to attend to what is happening now and what has happened in the past in order to appreciate what is so you can act with love.

Love Wound Guidance

Learn how trauma and neglect contribute to the love wound, and how it affects our ability to love ourselves, others, and the world itself.

Tips to Cultivate a Sense of Reverence

Find out what reverence is and discover practical, actionable tips that will enable you to cultivate a sense of reverence in your everyday life.

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“Quite simply, Dr. McGee and his program saved my life.”


“Dr. McGee is a great doctor, and I am lucky to have him in my corner. He encourages me and helps me through any problems that I am having. I am clean and sober and happy!”


“Dr. McGee has amazed us with his ability to accurately diagnose our son when no one had been able to before. He has been responsible for a vast improvement. We are so thankful for his help.”


Thank you Dr. McGee! These Daily Love Lessons are wonderful, timely, and so useful. After a long and hectic work week dealing with several difficult, disrespectful, defensive, and dysfunctional patients, contemplating and processing the wisdom contained in these lessons allows me to release the negative emotions and look at it from a very different perspective. Thank you!

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